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Rolfing Your Body in Balance


What an amazing and life changing experience I had these past 12 weeks working with Noemi during our 10 one hour sessions. She is not only a master of the Rolfing technique, but she also has an intuitive, kind and loving way of being with her clients. She explains things clearly and I rarely experienced anything more than mild discomfort. Noemi was a pleasure to work with and I looked forward to our sessions. And the results – nothing short of miraculous. My posture has improved dramatically as has my level of energy. But even more important is I have a new sense of how to “be” in the world with a new and profound understanding of how the various parts of my body work together. This Rolfing therapy has guided me to step into my power and I am so grateful. I highly recommend Noemi as a rolfing therapist.

JH 68

I came to the workshop without many expectations, except that I had a feeling it would be nourishing and soothing to my system. And indeed, it proved to be just that, grounding and relaxing me in a whole new way, giving me the feeling of safety and 'it's OK, I am just here...'. 

It always really inspires me to learn something completely new and fresh, some way of approaching my body, of moving it, feeling into it; this opens up for new pathways and new awareness. 

Because of trauma I am very often in a state of alertness and stress. Very few times have I been so deeply impacted by a course - at the end of each session I felt so much more safe inside my body, really like coming home to rest inside myself.

Some interesting aspects of the course were the exercises we did to gain more awareness in the pelvis, this moving back and forward while sitting to become aware of this space between sitting bones, pubic bone and tailbone. Also the awareness gained from the exercise with the stick, how holding it opened up to a new way of feeling my body. And I really was amazed by the effects of the exercises we did on the floor, moving the knees up and down, sliding the legs, moving from side to side, and especially the pushing of the feet into the ground and feeling how then the pelvis gets lifted starting with the tailbone. 

Other than that I really liked the whole setup! I feel you have so much to offer, so many people struggle with dissociation and anxiety, this rich knowledge you have into the subtleties of the body can give so much relief and learning, learning to be more fully ourselves as we come more into the body. 

So that we can surrender to ourselves and accept ourselves more fully, our emotions and patterns, and so it can all just be allowed to be there as sensations, as something we were given, something to come into relationship with. No story, no worry, no past, no future, just what's here right now...

A.E., 45

What an amazing journey it has been! 
Noemi is a skillful, down to earth rolfer with over 30 years of experience. If you are looking for a therapist that can help you understand your body both physically and mentally and at the same time getting to the root cause of your problems, then she is the one! 

Noemi is pedagogical, practical and fun, and it leaves you with so many discoveries of your own body. You will not regret taking the journey!

I am so grateful for having the opportunity to get to know Noemi and for all the lifelong lessons she has taught me.

M.H., 34

My dad’s passing, three months after a cancer diagnosis, was very traumatic. Throughout the whole process, I tried to be strong in order to support him and the rest of the family. It was hard to accept his death and I couldn't cry, but I broke out in hives and for a year, nobody could touch me.

Five years later, living alone in another country and without apparent after-effects, a mighty barrier still kept me from talking about my dad or looking at his photos.

I began having Rolfing sessions with Noemí, and one evening after a session, I burst out crying in my room. All night long I saw my body weep and the image, again and again, of a clenched fist breaking a glass wall. The tears eventually subsided… I felt empty… and fell asleep, totally exhausted.

Waking up, something had changed… a deep emotional knot had become untangled…I looked through my dad’s pictures and smiled… I was healed.  Over twenty years have gone and I will always thank you, Noemí, for having opened my heart and that space of love where there is no pain and my father is still alive…

T.A., 61

För mig är en behandling av Noemi något att längta till!

En stor avslappning sker fysiskt, mentalt och emotionellt, när jag med full tillit överlämnar mig i hennes erfarna och inkännande händer. Ofta bidrar hennes djupa kunskap om kropp och själ som en odelbar helhet också till en balansering av hela mitt system.

Jag har fått mycket god hjälp med allt från rygg- och nackont, felställning i hur jag går med mina fötter och snedbelastar kroppen till att få ett mycket bättre energiflöde i hela kroppen. Tacksam!

A.A., 55

Noemi är en varm, empatisk, och omtänksam person. Som terapeut upplever jag henne som inkännande, kunnig och närvarande. Man känner sig så väl omhändertagen och kan slappna av djupt under hennes behandling. Hennes behandlingar är kraftfulla och har haft stor effekt för mig. Det är tydligt att kroppens självläkande förmåga har aktiverats. Det visar resultaten klart och tydligt. Jag kan varmt rekommendera Noemi till dig som önskar ett friskare liv.

E.A., 65

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