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Certified Advanced Rolfer & Movement Practitioner

I have been working in the bodymind field for over forty years. It was while still at University, training as a Psychologist, that I became interested in the body/mind connection. Exploring the intelligence of the bodymind, I felt naturally at home, and it became a passion and lifelong endeavour. 

My work is influenced by my background in Psychology and the various approaches I have studied that foster our self-healing, self-regulating nature, among others Craniosacral Therapy, Somatic Experiencing, Soma Embodiment®, Calatonia, the work of Hubert Godard, as well as contemplative practices.

Training in Structural and Movement Integration at  Dr. Ida Rolf Institute      

1995 Advanced Training  

1989-1990 Structural Integration 

1983-1984 Rolf Movement Integration

Additional training

1974-1979 Psychologist  at  Pontificia Universidade Católica, São Paulo, Brasil

1978-1979 Calatonia (Pethö Sándor, PUCSP)

1978-1982 Biodanza instructor with Rolando Toro

1981-1983 Le Centre du Silence Mime School with Samuel Avital

1983-1985 Neuro-Linguistic Programming with Biby Lamm

1993-1996 Somatic Experiencing (Trauma therapy) with Peter Levine, PhD, Anngwyn St. Just, Diane Pooler Heller and others

1994-1996 studies with Marianne Bentzen

2002-2006 Craniosacral therapy with Howard Evans and others

2002-2007 Tonic Function - Movement Training with Hubert Godard

2015-2017 Konstlinje, Munka Ljungby Folkhögskola

2019-2020 Soma Embodiment (Trauma therapy) with Sônia Gomes, PhD



I came to Noemi for a 10-Series in the summer of 2022. I wanted to resolve some nagging aches and pains and improve my posture and alignment. Just entering my 40s, I thought it a great time to give my body some extra support as I transition into the second half of life. Having experienced Rolfing once before, I thought I knew what to expect, but found my sessions with Noemi had benefits at deeper and more subtle layers than my previous treatment. Working with Noemi, I did indeed experience more structural integration in my body, but also came to understand the meaning of the technique’s ‘integration’ on another level. I didn’t only find relief and better posture, but learned to experience greater ease within my body in relation to the wider world and a greater capacity to be and to be myself.  


Significant and visible release and realignment happened in each session. The improvements continued between sessions as the affected part of the body found its new relationship to the rest of the body as a whole. Sometimes this unfolded in surprising ways—work on the foot released long-held tension in the hip and lower back; realignment in the shoulder helped resolve a persistent cough. Noemi also offers considerable education about movement and shared tips that increased my capacity to adjust and support my body as it explored new, more relaxed movement patterns. In this way I was not only a client receiving treatment but an active participant in my body’s transformations. 

From my experience, I see that Rolfing is not only a technique and treatment but an ongoing practice. It is not uncommon for old holding patterns to unconsciously return, but, when noticed, this presents an opportunity for exploration and insight. Learning to release an unconscious tendency to clench and “hold up” my body has encouraged more dialogue between my mental, emotional and physical states. Rolfing helped me learn to stop efforting and simply be--to stop working to hold my body and to trust my body and its relationship to gravity. This has freed up energy I can now use intentionally however I choose. With greater physical ease has come clearer thinking, enhanced focus, and more effective decision making. I have greater trust in my physical capabilities and I experience more pleasure moving my body in simple everyday ways, when dancing, gardening, or riding my bike. The overall theme of my 10-series was finding my center. In strengthening my body’s alignment along what Rolfers refer to as the ‘centerline’ of the body, Rolfing work with Noemi has strengthened my connection to my core self. It has helped me to feel more at home in my body, and continues to expand my awareness and possibilities for how I move through the world in subtle and profound ways.

A.S., 41

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