I have been working with Rolfing® since 1983. It was while still at University, training as a Psychologist, that I became interested in the body/mind connection. Exploring the intelligence of the bodymind, I felt naturally at home, and it became a passion and lifelong endeavour. 

My Rolfing work is influenced by the many approaches I have studied that foster our self-healing, self-regulating nature, including Craniosacral Therapy, Somatic Experiencing, the work of Hubert Godard, as well as meditation with some exceptional teachers.

Training in Structural and Movement Integration at  Dr. Ida Rolf Institute

1995 Advanced Training  

1989 Structural Integration 

1983 Rolf Movement Integration

Additional training

1974-1979 Psychologist      Pontificia Universidade Católica, São Paulo, Brasil

1978-1982 Biodanza instructor   

1993-1996 Somatic Experiencing (trauma resolution) workshops with various teachers, including    two year training with Peter Levine.

1994-1996 workshops with Marianne Bentzen

2002-2006 Craniosacral therapy with Howard Evans et al.

2002-2007  Movement Training with Hubert Godard


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