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I have been working in the bodymind field for over forty years. It was while still at University, training as a Psychologist, that I became interested in the body/mind connection. Exploring the intelligence of the bodymind, I felt naturally at home, and it became a passion and lifelong endeavour. 

In the last few years I have also been creating handbuilt ceramics. You can find my pieces here.

Training in Structural and Movement Integration at  Dr. Ida Rolf Institute      

1995 Advanced Training  

1989-1990 Structural Integration 

1983-1984 Rolf Movement Integration

Additional training

1974-1979 Psychologist  at  Pontificia Universidade Católica, São Paulo, Brasil

1978-1979 Calatonia (Pethö Sándor, PUCSP)

1978-1982 Biodanza instructor with Rolando Toro

1981-1983 Le Centre du Silence Mime School with Samuel Avital

1993-1996 Somatic Experiencing (Trauma therapy) with Peter Levine, PhD,                                         Anngwyn St. Just, Diane Pooler Heller and others

1994-1996 studies with Marianne Bentzen

2002-2006 Craniosacral therapy with Howard Evans and others

2002-2007 Tonic Function - Movement Training with Hubert Godard

2015-2017 Konstlinje, Munka Ljungby Folkhögskola

2019-2020 Soma Embodiment (Trauma therapy) with Sônia Gomes, PhD